New Books RSS feed for public list New Books Formative assessment in the secondary classroom / by Clarke Shirley. 10 best teaching practices : by Tileston, Donna Walker. 100 years of monarchy : A beginner's guide to doing your education research project / by Lambert, Mike, A mosaic of the Dragon : A reader's guide to contemporary literary theory / by Selden, Raman ACT made simple : by Harris, Russ, Action poetry : Active social work with children with disabilities / by Adams, Julie, Activities for teaching science as inquiry / by Bass, Joel E. Advanced Biology / by Jones,Mary. Advanced educational psychology / by Mangal, S. K. Amazing questions and answers / by Ganeri, Anita. Art of teaching science : Basic statistics for the behavioral sciences / by Heinman Gary W. Bhutan : Bhutan : by Normantas, Paulius. Bhutan at her best : by Thakur S Powdyel. Bhutan, problems and policies / by Misra, H. N. Bilingualism in education : by Cummins, Jim, Buddhist solutions for the twenty first century / by Payutto, P. A. Building bridges in teacher education : Case study research : by Yin, Robert K. Concepts and methods of social work / Concepts and methods of social work/ Conflict and reconciliation in the contemporary world by Whittaker, David J. Contemplative practices in higher education : by Barbezat, Daniel. Conversations with God : by Walsch, Neale Donald. Dawa : by Kunzang Choden Democracy,Good Governance and happiness : by Dessallien Renata. Development communication : Education of exceptional children a basic text on the rights of the handicapped and the gifted / by Panda, K C Effective Teaching : by Muijs Daniel. Effective teaching methods : by Borich Gary D. Embedded formative assessment / by Dylan Wiliam Encyclopaedia of Buddhist thinkers / by Shiv Shanker Tiwary English teaching in the secondary school : by Fleming Mike. Evironmental Education by Dr. Nasrin Falling awake : by Kabat-Zinn, Jon, Foundations of education : by Chaube, S. P. Genuine happiness : by Wallace, B. Alan. Gift of sight : Gītā for success in modern life from basement to boardroom / by Garg, R. S., Global constructions of multicultural education : Golden Jubilee celebrations of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between bhutan and India (1968-2018) / Grave tales : by Goletz Helen. Gyal-Khab : by Thakur S Powdyel. Handbook for teaching secondary school social studies / by Stockard, James W. Healing emotions : Historiography / by Winks, Robin W. Historiography / by Jayapalan, N. History of international relations / by Chakrabarti, Phanindra Nath. History of Nepal : by Singh Munshi Shew Shunker. History of Nepal : by Wright Daniel. : How People Learn by John D.Bransford How to be compassionate : by Dalai Lama. How to publish your PhD : by Caro, Sarah. Illicit networks and politics in Latin America / Improvisations in creative drama : by Keller, Betty. Information technology and the teaching of history : Integrating mindfulness into anti-oppression pedagogy : by Berila, Beth. International obligations for elections : Introducing physical geography / by Strahler, Alan H. Introduction to psychology / by Plotnik, Rod. Kyichu Lhakhang : Language and literacy in inquiry-based science classrooms, grades 3-8 / by Fang, Zhihui. Language As Discourse: by McCarthy,Michael . Learning from the Futures / by Novacek, Pavel. Learning to think spatially : Literary theory and criticism / by Waugh Patricia. Lovingkindness : by Salzberg, Sharon. MBSR every day : by Goldstein, Elisha, Meaningful to behold : by Kelsang Gyatso, Measurement assessment and evaluation in education and statictics / by Mahanta Nara Narayan. Meditation for relaxation : by O'Neil Adam. Melodies of the spring queen : by Tshering, Ura Gyonpa. Methods for community participation : by Kumar, Somesh Methods for community participation : by Kumar, Somesh Mindfulness : by Williams, Mark. Mindfulness meditations for anxiety : by Smith, Michael PhD. Modern literary criticism and theory : by Habib, Rafey. Modern literary theory : by Rice Philip My life does not have to be unhappy / by Koul, Bill K., New Oxford dictionary for writers and editors / No matter the wreckage / by Kay Sarah, Overcoming Students' Misconceptions in Science : Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English / by Hornby, A. S. Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English / by Hornby A S. Pastplay : Pathways to power : Place-based education : by Sobel, David. Popular Buddhism in Japan: by Andreasen, Esben. Power, resistance, and conflict in the contemporary world : by Karatzogianni, Athina. Psychology / by Baron, Robert A. Real Happiness: a 28-Day Program to Realize the Power of Meditation / by Salzberg, Sharon Reflections: Research methodology / by Chandra Suresh. Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education by Flick, Uwe, Researching post-compulsory education / by Jameson, Jill. Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age : Rhyme, rythm reason : by Drakeford, Paul Royal highland festival / School leadership and development : by Zangley Dukpa. Science teaching in schools / by Das, R. C. Sex, Lies and Two Hindu Gurus by Karen Jonson Social development : by Midgley, James, Social research methods / by Dooley, David Social Work : Social work and community development / Social Work around the world / Social work in a digital society / by Watling, Sue. Social Work in practice : by Somananda Omalpe Surviving and thriving in postgraduate research / by Cooksey, R. W. Sustainable livelihoods and rural development / by Scoones, Ian. Teaching English : Teaching of mathematics : by Mustafa M. Territorial conflicts in world society : Test bank for Physics : by Kirkpatrick, Larry D. Textbook of remote sensing and geographical information systems / by Reddy, M. A. The attention revolution : by Wallace, B. Alan. The Blackwell guide to literary theory / by Castle, Gregory. The Bodhisattva king : by Tshering Tashi The buddha mimansa : The courage to be present : by Wegela, Karen Kissel The ecology of human development : by Bronfenbrenner, Urie, The handbook of social welfare management / The handbook of Tibetan Buddhist symbols / by Beer, Robert. The healing power of mindfulness : by Kabat-Zinn, Jon, The heart of the Buddha's teaching : by Nhất Hạnh, The heart of wisdom / by Dr.C.T.Dorji. The life of Marpa: by Heruka Tsang Nyon. The Smiling moon : by Khenpo Tshering The soils of Bhutan : by Caspari, Thomas The soul of higher education : The sourcebook for teaching science, grades 6-12 : by Herr, Norman. The square and the tower : by Ferguson, Niall, The supervision of offenders - what works?: by Trotter,Christopher. The West in the world : by Sherman, Dennis. Theory and principles of education / by Aggarwal, J. C. Time and narrative in ancient historiography : Under the same sky / by Thinley Tobgay Understanding child and family welfare : by Connolly, Marie, Using new technologies to enhance teaching and learning in history / War and Peace in the 20th Century and Beyond / Wired for war : by Singer, P.W. Writing down the bones : by Goldberg, Natalie, Writing the memoir / by Barrington, Judith. Zangdok Palri : by Lamsam Supawan Pui. དེང་རབས་བསླབ་བྱིའི་བཤད་འགྲེལ། by མཁན་པོ་ཚུལ་ཁྲིམས་བློ་གྲོས།